Open Auditions – Virtual Submissions

Please submit the following:

1.  Musical Theatre Resume’
2.  Head Shot
3.  Vocal audition including an Up-Tempo and a Ballad, or contrasting song selections
4.  Any video/reel relevant for the roles you wish to be considered (Vocal, Dance, Monologues, Readings etc.)

Video Instructions/Suggestions

  • IPhone video recordings are acceptable, you may need to send them via a link through YouTube, etc.
  • Set-up your phone/device in landscape orientation, not portrait
  • Use sufficient lighting with non-incandescent, bright-white lighting if possible
  • Make sure the background and atmosphere of your video allows us to see & hear you clearly.
  • Provide a full body slate with your information.  Name, Height, Union Status, City, etc.
  • Please edit all video segments together in one link if possible (not required)
  • Vocal Auditions
    Option 1 - Submit any current and/or relevant vocal audition video/reel that you already have.

    Option 2 - Submit a vocal audition using (1) one or more of the songs listed below

    I could have Danced All Night
    How In the World

    Music PDF
    Music PDF

    MP3 Recording
    MP3 Recording
    Holding Out For a Hero
    Why Can't You Behave

    Music PDF
    Music PDF

    MP3 Recording
    MP3 Recording
    What do I Need with Love
    Close Every Door

    Music PDF
    Music PDF

    MP3 Recording
    MP3 Recording
    Get Me To the Church On Time
    If I Can't Love her

    Music PDF
    Music PDF

    MP3 Recording
    MP3 Recording

    Dancers Who Sing & Ensemble            (In addition to a vocal audition video)
    Option 1 - Please submit any current and/or relevant Dance Audition video/reel that you have.

    Option 2 - Submit a dance video using (1) one or more of the (3) three combinations/skills provided below. 
                     Demonstration videos are provided, use these video recordings as your music source if you wish. 

    1. Combination on Demo
       Chassé - pas de bourree – Glissade- Jeté (right)
       Tombe’ - pas de bourrée – Glissade - Assemble, (left)
       Tendu (right) ala second - prep 4th position – outward (en dehors) pirouette in passe’
       Finish – Arabesque Allonge’
    2. Chaîné turns across the floor – if space allows
    3. Any kicks, leaps or turns you wish to demonstrate
        Ballet Demo >

    1. Combination on Demo
    2 . Any Kicks, Leaps or Turns that you would like to demonstrate
         Jazz  Demo >

    1. Combination on Demo
    2. Time steps of your choice - Pull backs – Wings - Favorite tap step or combination of your choosing.
    Tap Demo >

    Note: After viewing your video, we may ask for more information and/or other video submissions

    Please send Audition Submissions to

    Thank You.